Falling In Love With The Time- Jord Watches

I've never worn a watch. It has never even been of much interest to me. But when Jord Watches sent over their beautiful wooden watch, things shifted.

I suddenly knew what TIME it was! Without realizing it, I had developed a rather annoying habit of checking my phone every single moment I needed to know what time it was. It even turned into something I'd automatically do- continuously check my phone. 

When I wear #myJord, I can detach from my phone without worry. I can cook for hours in the kitchen and it keeps me on track. When I teach my fitness classes, I can start and end right on time.


This was basically the absolute accessory that I didn't know I needed. So... now, I think I'm a watch person?! Ready to grow my watch collection!!


I chose the Frankie 35 Dark Sandalwood & Mint!! Obsessed. 

Which one would YOU pick?? Enter here to win your own Jord Watch!!

Or, browse their site to see all of the different colors & styles!


Alyssa Gagarin