Alyssa Gagarin
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Meet Alyssa!

Alyssa is a multi-passionate person working in NYC as a personal chef, trainer, and fitness instructor! She can be found in kitchens and gyms all over the city as she uses her skills and services to help her clients live a more balanced, nutritious, and happy life!

She is Nutritious Life certified through Keri Glassman's The Nutrition School and meal prep is her most popular service! She works with clients who need assistance with stocking their refrigerators with delicious pre-prepared meals.  

Alyssa's Cooking Show on YouTube is an accumulation of her many passions for food, wellness, and story telling. She is passionate about how cooking can bring greater happiness and health to your life. Her mission is to encourage people to get into their kitchen and make cooking with real, whole, unprocessed foods as easy and accessible as possible. 

In the fitness world, she can be found teaching group classes at CityRow and also trains clients independently as well as at TS Fitness. She also loves working with kids and teaches children's cooking classes at Freshmade.

Welcome to her site! Enjoy exploring!

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